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Liberalism proposes this idea that ‘as long as you’re not infringing on other peoples rights, you should be able to do whatever you want’. And I think we’ve really honed down on this at the beginning of the show when we were talking about the transgendered debate but it is certainly 100% the case that whatever we do no matter how small is never in isolation. It is never the case that what we do is in isolation because we are always impacting other people.

Now you might say ‘oh okay, well what about things you do in your own room?’ like you have a day in which you do BDSM or you watch porn, when you’re in your own home you break your own traditions, you break your own morality, when you break your own customs inside of your own home with nobody around its like ‘come on James, that’s not a big deal man. Nobody is effected. There’s nobody else around. Nobody sees it, nobody knows.’

But here’s the thing. Even in the times nobody is watching, if you degrade your own moral system, your own habits, your own person, you instil these ideas in your mind that it is acceptable to start pushing the boundaries and to go over the edge and to start breaking things inside of your own sphere. And it’s only a matter of time before you start doing that outside of your sphere. It’s only a matter of time before you start thinking ‘well, I did it in my own space. That had no consequences, and its not going to have any infringement on other peoples rights and therefore maybe I should just start doing this out in the open.’

And this is why we always need to do the best we can. Obviously we’re all flawed. Obviously it’s the case that we cannot do this all the time. But it is the case that we need to be striving for always acting righteously. Always acting justly. Always acting in a positive direction. Because those habits that we do will be instilled into us and then in all spheres of our life we will be acting in a good way which therefore has that flow on effect.

So no, nothing at all happens in isolation.

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