Democracy Creates A Gridlocked System 🎉 – Highlight Clip


What if a business every single day came out with policies that contradicted each other. The business wouldn’t survive. Obviously, the business couldn’t survive. Because the business is supposed to be flowing in a natural forward direction where it is supposed to grow, where it’s supposed to build upon itself, in order to become better and better and bigger.

And that’s the same thing with our government. The government is there in order to have a building block. And then build upon it to bring us something bigger, well not necessarily bigger, but better and better.

It’s supposed to be a place in which has a forward direction of what ever is better for our people. Best for our nation. And it is supposed to layer upon layer to newer and newer policies rise up and create something that pursues and creates that goal, or achieves that goal I should say.

But the problem with democracy, is that every election, probably every second election, especially in the United States, you have changes in direction. Where first off you’ve got the republican going this way. Then you have a democrat going this way. Then you have another republican going that way. Then you have a democrat going this way.

Its not a succinct system that continues to build upon itself. It is a system that implements policies and ideas that actually inherently contradicts each other. Which actually sets up a society and sets up a country, and sets up a government to be naturally self destructive. Because instead of all of the parts of the machine working together, in a coherent manner to raise us all up, it instead has parts of it that are broken yet aren’t being fixed. While new parts of the machine are still being built. The worst thing that you can do is to continue to build the machine while an intergril part of it is broken. That is the absolute worst thing that you can do because then it just ties all of the components of the machine together including the broken ones, and it makes the broken ones extremely difficult to fix.

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