Gender Equality Is Unachievable πŸŽ€ – Highlight Clip


Graveyard Gale: To further my previous point, gender equity and equality is unachievable. Equality is a false god, and the left have yet to understand that. Because simply put, men and women are different.

Left wing feminism puts so much focus on masculinising women to make them fit into places where women simply do not. They want more women to join stem careers for example but most women just simply choose not to. They, the left are so obsessed with making two completely different biological entities similar and the same that they disregard the specific needs and wants for women, disregarding their interests which is especially strange since focusing on the majority of women’s interests is what feminism is literally defined by. Its because of feminists, its now the norm for all girls to focus on career rather than family. We were tricked into leaving a tedious lifestyle of work, rest and play. Tricked into over educating ourselves. Tricked to despise our other half, men.

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