Is Automation A Good Thing For Society? 🎨 – Highlight Clip


James: My take on the situation more broadly is that there are a level of automation which is good. There is a level of technology in which is good. Like-

Totsky: Car production

James: Yeah, we could say car production. Things in which are exceptionally time consuming and deadly or whatever else. These things are good for technology to take a persons place. Because then we can remove our time resources and put them to better use elsewhere.

Totsky: Also mining

James: Mining’s a good one as well. Yup, that’s another great one. Indeed. My concern though, is two things. The first one is there will become a point in which what I just said will be incorrect. What I said was ‘automation is good because we can take our limited resources of time and energy and put them into other things. In order to then pursue a better civilisation and do all of these things like we’ve seen throughout history.’ My concern is that there will reach a point within a very short period of time that artificial intelligence will be able to do everything that a human can do and all of the jobs that a human would do inside of a society, and the jobs that will be created because of the-

Totsky: That’s a really good point actually

James: Because you know, there’s this argument for libertarians and things of ‘well new things take off, the car industry took off and it removed all of the jobs for people in the horse industry but then new jobs were created with the car industry so it all balances out.’

My point is that yes, there will be new jobs created by the revolution of artificial intelligence more and more and more. However, those jobs will be able to be done by artificial intelligence anyway. So the issue that we come to is what are we going to do with our time?

And a lot of people have this idea that, ‘well what we’re going to do is we’re going to be creative, we’re going to become artists, we’re going to become all of these things we’re going to what we want, we’re going to do all of these wonderful things’

Totsky: I am Da Vinci

James: Indeed, indeed. My concern with that argument is two things. Firstly, artificial intelligence can actually do creative work. Creative work, what we determine to be good and bad is essentially a by-product of our emotional state which can be changed by chemical processes in our mind. Like all of the things in which we see are just chemical processes right? So why wouldn’t a machine be able to create something in which just creates those processes in our mind.

So that’s the first thing, creative space is not going to be the only thing left to human beings, so what’s the point in that?

But secondly, more and more we find ourselves inside of the modern world with comfort and with ease and with all of these things things. And what do we find? We find suicides skyrocketing, we see drug addictions skyrocketing, we actually see since 2016.

Totsky: That you see? I live around drug addiction

James: Indeed, you’ve said that a few times so I know how much you do see that. It’s like this entire thing of comfort and ease and all of these things its going to lead to people having no purpose, no meaning and from that, we lose ourselves. Which I’m very –

Totsky: I actually have a question about that

James: Go for it

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