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*Reading* Laws should vary from area to area and culture to culture within a country? *Reading*

There is no culture to culture within a country. This is the problem with England. You’ve got the Islamist area there, you’ve got the British people there. You can’t have culture to culture. You can have sub-cultures inside of a culture. What I mean by that is, people in Wellington are different from people in Auckland, or in Palmerston North or wherever else. That’s fine.

But when we’re talking about different cultures all living in the same area, no you can’t have this. It is so detrimental to society, you don’t actually have a society when you have this. What you have are clusters of different interest groups. And when you have clusters of different interest groups in the area of culture especially when we live in a democracy, what we have is cold war. We do not have homogeneous societies. We do not have a society that is moving towards a goal. We have a society that’s in the state of a cold war of different interest groups and that is something which needs to be realised. Multiculturalism is cold war.

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