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Where I would say that you get your foundational basis for objective morality, which is what I would argue, is that we are not blank slates. And I think that this is the important thing here. What most people don’t realise when it comes to morality is that we are not blank slates. We actually are born with predetermined tendencies. And the tendency in which we have, there are many, but I think the foundational one is fulfilment and procreation.

So evolution biologically within us, we have an actual drive. This isn’t something that is conceptualised by us. Every single species inside of the world, because of the foundations of evolution, because of the forces of evolution engrained within us from the very day that we are born has the drive for procreation, we also have the drive for fulfilment. So we walk into the world and we don’t say ‘oh I would love to live a shitty life and I’d love to live a life that is sub-par and I’d love to be not happy and I’d love to, you know, all of these things’. No, what all of us fundamentally want, and this is a biological drive. And people do things based on that reality.

Now the difference comes when different societies, and this is where you get the idea for social constructionism, which I think is wrong, which is wrong. But I understand where people get this conception from.

The foundation of the situation is, we all have the same internal drives but different cultures and different societies have different ideas on how to fulfil those drives. So one society might say ‘well, eating a whole bunch of McDonalds every single day fulfils our drive because that increases our dopamine levels. Which that is a fulfilment. We are fulfilled because we eat a whole bunch of McDonalds.’ Whereas another society might say ‘No, we live fully fitness, hardcore fitness society and that’s how we live’ And somebody would look at that and say ‘well that means that morality is subjective’ but what I would say is these different cultures have the same premise but they just find the solution in different ways.

Now, on top of that, I would also say that there is an objective way that is better or worse to actually reach that foundational drive of fulfilment and procreation, and there are objective standards based on that to say whether a culture is better or worse by how well they’ve fulfilled those foundational purposes.

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