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One of the things that I noticed, and I’m embarrassed to say that I jumped onto the band waggon of, which I think that we all did, was this whole ‘clownworld’ idea. Where something absolutely insane happens, which it does every single week, and it’s like ‘haha clownworld’, its sort of this concept for anybody who doesn’t know the concept is you either laugh at it — you either look at it as clownworld and just laugh at it or you become an absolute nihilist and sort of this idea of the world has gone so insane that the only alternative is to do something crazy.

But I think that what we lost in that sort of clown world thing which was sort of 2018, 2019 I believe.. maybe 2019 is exactly what you just said. This idea that what we’re going to do is just look at the left wing and what they’re actually doing as crazy and therefore not give it the attention that it deserves.

So to give an example, back in 2015 this whole idea of transgenderism, transgendered children was an absolutely insane idea. The right wing were like ‘oh haha yeah transgendered children, whatever, that will never occur’ but five years later because we didn’t take that seriously we’ve ended up in a position where people are literally being mutilated because of this concept that they’re actually a different gender. Its quite devastating.

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