Wishing Biden Success Is Not A Virtue

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is not to cause further tension between the left and right. Although I’m sure our critics would suggest that is the reason why it was written. Instead, I’m offering an intellectually honest argument for why a person on the right wing wishing President Biden ‘to do a good job’ is not a virtue. Even though many people feel like it should be one.

While watching president Joe Biden’s inaugural address on YouTube I scrolled down into the comments section to see how people were reacting. There were many varying opinions, however a theme from some conservatives stuck out to me.

These thoughts above are not uncommon to decently mannered people. In fact, if times were normal and not as they are now, what these people above said would be admirable. However, these are not normal times. In these times, that admirable quality is instead a promotion of naivety and progressive politics.

America Is Not a Nation

To understand the fundamental reason for why this is a promotion of naivety and progressive politics we must first understand that America, along with many Western countries are no longer nations.

A nation is properly conceptualized as a location where a people mostly of common descent, culture and story occupy. It is a place of unity of vision, where all people of the nation take on the torch of the last generation and continue it looking toward the same end goal.

With such polarization as we see in America today the fundamental building blocks of what a nation is are no longer there. As non-white migrants continue to flood into the country legally and non-legally, diminishing whites to become a minority by 2050, the unity of blood and soil is no longer able to bind the people of America. On top of this, due to the intrinsic liberal ideal of multiculturalism there is no longer a unifying body of culture to bind the people. But instead many cultures, all competing for status and warring with each other under the guise of democracy. 

These two fundamental pillars of what it means to be a nation no longer exist. America no longer has a common history, no longer has a common people, and therefore no longer has a common story about themselves, where they’re going and what future they want to achieve.

Fundamentally, America is now a country, but no longer a nation. This is why the comments from those in the images above saying ‘I’m a conservative but an American first’ is irrelevant. Because there no longer is a unifying understanding of what ‘American’ means.

Left Wing VS Right Wing

Due to the state of America no longer having common bonds of what it means to be a nation, the left wing and right wing no longer share the same lens when seeing the world. Nor does it have a common ambition for the future it should undertake to strive toward.

The left wing strive for a society without restriction. Desiring to remove both physical restrictions in order to promote ‘freedom of movement’ and also remove ‘cultural restrictions’ such as, in their mind, race, gender, class, etc. 

The left strive toward a post-biology society where all groups are equal in nature and equal in outcome. Where all groups co-exist together and share their unique traits, beliefs and understandings with one another under the quote “diversity is a strength”. 

The right wing on the other hand strives for unity under a single banner of nationhood. Instead of diversity and equality, the right wing believes in hierarchy and hegemony. They believe all layers inside of the society should exist together in a natural state working toward the same end goal. 

The right believes in tradition and maintaining our culture. It believes in restriction both physically and culturally to promote a society that is best for those of the nation. Rather than allowing degenerate aspects to creep in under the guise of ‘diversity’ and the liberal mantra of ‘live and let live’. 

The left wing and right wing are fundamentally different. However their difference has always been about differing ways of reaching the same end goal. In recent times however, with the political polarization we see today, the left and right wing not only don’t see the same end goal. They’re not even reading the same book. 

These two fundamentally different understandings of the world and how it should exist, which is an expression of a loss of nationhood, is the reason wishing Biden’s success is indeed not a virtue.

By wishing Biden’s success, as the photos at the top of this article do, the conservative is asking the president to ‘do a good job’. In other words, the conservative is asking the president to fight for Biden’s conception of what the end goal for society should be. Rather than the conception of society and end goal the conservative believes in.

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  1. Respect to RightTimes and James the author.
    I for one can appreciate a creatively new concept for news to be circulated and a timely, poignant message.
    America was once a United States that shared the idea of independence from a King’s tyranny.
    Now in the 21st century it seems Government and culture has left the founding stock riddled with guilt, shame and fear. Only a proud people will fight for the dignity, safety and prosperity of their children. It seems a new Western World “God” has taken the reigns of destiny-
    corporate and cultural Globalism.

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